The appropriate size of clothing worn is essential for the aspects of comfort, occupational safety and aesthetics. It is similarly uncomfortable if the clothes we are wearing is so loose to us that they hinder us in our movements, just like a too tight piece of clothes in which it is hard to breathe.

These aspects are crucial in the case of working garments: the size should be appropriate to facilitate enough freedom of motion and unhindered movements required for a particular work process. Size charts are used to proper determination of the required sizes, however, such size charts may be different in the case of different producers. Standards have been established to unify the size charts.
Our size chart have been developed in accordance with the EN 13402-3 European Standards, which have set the objective to integrate the sizing of different work garments in Europe.
Size chart

Female - height approx. from 164 cm to 172 cm
Sizes S M L XL XXL 3XL
Extra size
Extra size
Circumference of the breast (cm) 84-88 92-96 100-104 110-116 122-128 134-140 146-152
Circumference of the waist (cm) 66-70 74-78 82-86 92-98 104-110 116-122 128-134
Circumference of the hips (cm) 92-96 100-104 108-112 118-124 130-136 142-148 154-160
Inner length of the trouser leg length (cm) Length 32 is 80 cm

Male and unisex sizes body height approx. from 174 cm to 182 cm
Sizes S M L XL XXL 3XL
Extra size
Extra size
Circumference of the breast (cm) 88-92 96-100 104-108 112-116 120-128 132-140 144-152
Circumference of the waist (cm)t 76-80 84-88 92-96 100-105 110-120 125-135 140-150
Circumference of the hips (cm) 94-98 102-106 110-114 116-120 124-132 136-144 148-156
Inner length of the trouser leg (cm) Length 32 is 81 cm

Size of shoes: European size 36 to 46 depend on shoes
Correct taking of the size

The sizes indicated in the size chart body sizes, the taking of the size is to be made without over-clothes on. For instance: in the case of breast size the size should be taken in bras or in a thin T-shirt, or shirt. The measuring tape should be led around the body part to be measured evenly to avoid too tight or too loose holding thereof. The size can be taken most accurately if the person whose sizes are taken is standing in a normal posture almost without any motion. It is practical to ask for somebody’s help to carry out the measurement.
  • circumference of the breast - at the widest point of the breast, under the armpit around the breast, by leading the measuring tape evenly around, including the shoulder-blades in the measurement as well. Breathe evenly when taking the size, and try to avoid taking any deep breath as it may cause inaccurate measurement results.

  • circumference of the waist - measured round the waist approximately at the height of the hilum (without trousers and belt)

  • circumference of the hip - measured round at the widest point of the hip, by leading the measuring tape evenly around (in the case of women owing to the difference of the shape this falls to different points: for example there are women whose hip has its widest point at the top of the thighs, or in the case of others the widest point is at the height of the bottom). If somebody has a bit larger stomach, but has narrow hips, when measuring the circumference of the hip this fact should be considered (when the difference between the waist and the hip is negligible)

  • inner length of the trousers - without shoes, from the intersection of the legs to the level of the soles (or the inner length of the legs of a favourite pair of trousers can also be measured – from the intersection of the legs to the bottom of the trouser leg)


When the accurate body sizes are jot down properly, the next thing to do is on the basis of the measure chart is to define the required size of the desired piece of clothes. In the case of trousers the circumference of the hip, and the waist as well as the inner length of the legs shall be considered and looked for in the size chart, by choosing the size in the chart whichever fall the closest to our measurement. In the case of top clothes the most important dimension is the circumference of the breast, but the circumferences of the waist and hip shall also be checked. In the case of tunics and shirts the bigger size should be preferred for the sake of comfort, and as the models are not tight fitting, a greater difference in these sizes is acceptable. For instance, if somebody has a little bit large stomach (based on the circumference of the waist and depending on the style maximum 1 or 2 size larger, than based on the circumference of the breast), the size corresponding to the circumference of the breast may be chosen. (If the difference is two sizes larger, than the bigger size is required)

If the size of the paints and the top are different - Then which size would fit to me?

If a different size is needed in the case of underclothes, and the size of the top clothes would also be different, do not panic, the sizes indicated in the size chart are confection sizes only. If you cannot actually choose the proper size for you, it does not men that the measurement is incorrect. The confection sizes are fabricated in a way that the average of the measured sizes of many people are taken into consideration for the preparation of the size chart including the most commonly occurring sizes. In the case described above the shape simply does not correspond to the standard confection, but this occurs quite often. In this case different sizes should be ordered from the top clothes and the pants.