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We spend the major part of our day at our workplace , therefore it is crucially important that our working clothes be not only comfortable but also aesthetic all the time. The same should be similarly essential for the employer, since a worker feeling comfortable in the working clothes will produce a better performance and the working conditions will also be positively affected.
With the assistance of the SamTex Kft. you may also achieve the satisfaction of your colleagues, in terms of their appearance and attitude to work.
Practical comfort

The SamTex Kft. have supplied working clothes and bed clothes for the public health sector for over 14 years now. Seventy percent of the hospitals in Hungary are our regular clients. Besides them a great number of pharmacies, nurseries, private praxes, dental surgeries, and workers of kitchens use our clothes constantly. Besides working clothes used in public health with the STX trademark we have created a more colourful and more energetic young collection, which is primarily offered to those women and men working in the fields of beauty sector, catering, hotel trade and wellness. Of course, anybody can find the appropriate attire at us who wish to wear aesthetic, fashionable and practical uniforms.

Our products:  
  • tunics for women
  • Mantles and overcoats for men and women
  • Trousers for men and women
  • T-shirts for men and women
  • Medical overcoats
  • Surgery garments and textiles


  • Cook garments
  • Aprons
  • Waiters dresses
  • Bed clothes
  • Protective footwear
  • Clogs, slippers, sandals


Our quality policy

The principal objectives of SamTex Kft. are to satisfy its clients’ requirements and demands constantly at the possibly highest standard, and that the quality of its services shall meet all requirements.
For the achievement of the set targets:
  • We have established, operated and continuously improved a quality management system for every activity of ours, namely production and trade, conforming to the requirements of MSZ EN 9001:2001 Standards and complying with the ever changing requirements of the market.
  • We endeavour to provide our products to our clients in a good quality, with the satisfaction of the set deadlines.
  • We have improved our human resources and material resources on a continuous basis in line with the requirements.
  • When selecting our suppliers the fundamental criteria are the retaining of high standard and quality.
  • We take the clients" comments into consideration and we use them for the improvement of quality.
  • The management and staff of SamTex Kft have committed themselves to perform their duties in line with the aforementioned objectives.
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